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Want to become a UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience?

We created this online training course just for you.


In this half-day course, we'll go over the official curriculum together, address your questions, and cover how to avoid the test's pitfalls. Then, we'll conduct a practice test to make sure you're ready.

After this training course, you'll be ready for the real test towards your

UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F).

To be clear, this training course isn't mandatory for getting your certification: you're free to study on your own.

But re-taking the test costs time and money. So we're offering this course to help you make sure you pass on your first try.

Online exam training € 350 (excl. VAT)

When: check agenda

Language: English

8 spots available

UX Academy BV is an officially recognized UXQB training provider, and the instructor is an experienced UX professional who has already passed the certification test.

NB: This course fee does not include the costs of the official certification test (€ 300 ex BTW).



Earn your UX & Usability certification with help from an experienced professional - wherever you are.
This training is in English!


  1. Sign up for this training course. Receive test exam questions and a glossary. Let's study!

  2. We'll schedule a brief discover call to assess your level of UX knowledge.

  3. On 20 November, we'll prepare you for your certification test.

  4. Once you're ready, you can register for the certification test (we can help).

  5. When you pass, you'll receive an official UXQB CPUX-F certificate!




Your fast track to success starts here

Discuss the curriculum, share knowledge, and ask all your questions about the certification test. 

✓ Cover the official exam curriculum

✓ Q&A to address any questions or doubts

✓ Complete an official practice exam

✓ Discuss options for ordering the real exam


Brian P 2019 - square.png

Brian Pagán wrote:

Hi! I use art & (digital) design to make our world more equitable & loving.  


Over the last 19 years, I've helped businesses like Philips, ING, Land Life Company, and WaitWhat turn innovation strategy into award-winning products & services. And my book The Creative Empathy Field Guide is a practical toolkit for incorporating empathy into any creative process.  


I've given keynotes, talks, classes, and workshops in 11 countries. In them, I employ stories and examples from my work in healthcare, sustainability, fintech, and the internet of things. I hold a Professional Doctorate in Human-Computer Interaction and a Master’s in Industrial Psychology. Plus, I know six ways to brew coffee. ☕ 


Other hats I wear include keynote speaker, podcaster (, writer (, and actor ( I believe our true superpowers come from where science and art meet, so my work explores that intersection. 🧠+💚  

Brian's LinkedIn profile

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