With the focus on usability testing

Discover the pro and cons of usability testing. Learn methods and techniques for concept testing. Get to know the best interview techniques and receive a generic structure of an interview script. And use our script template for usability testing!

1 day / € 650 (excl. btw)

Total participants in this workshop: 6



A list with question examples for different types of interviews

✓ Scripttemplate for usability testing

 healthy lunch 

Max. 5 min. walk from A'dam CS

✓ Administration costs

✓ Our Slack channel to help you afterwards



Any questions? Call us: 020 - 893 43 11

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Get to know:

  • What is UX research about?

  • The basic UX-researchmethods and tools

  • How to analyse data into 

  • What is lean ux research and qualitative ux research

  • What is the difference between user research and user testing?

  • How to formulate research questions?


Get to know :

  • How to recruit participants for usability tests

  • Our recruitment instructions template  

  • What to pay attention to, when collection data?

  • How to do set up a usability test 


Dag 1: UX-research fundamentals

UX research ≠ Market research. What is the difference between fundamental research and applied research?
And how to analyse qualitative and quantitative data? Get to know what steps to take in a professional ux research process. Learn how to communicate the value of UX research and formulate to right research questions.

10.00-17.00 uur 


✓ UX research fundamentals

✓ Formulating research questions

✓ UX research methods & techniques

✓ Interview techniques

✓ Usability testing (theory and 3 rounds of practice)


Is this for you?

You want to get more education and training so you can feel more confident in your skills and roles. You like UX a lot and want to do more usability activities or steer your job responsibilities more firmly into UX. Your current position or company doesn’t support you or UX enough, so you probably need a new job.


 UX Designers, Service Designers

 Visual Designers, Graphic Designer, User Interface Designers

 Front-end Developers, Functional Designers

 Product Owners and Business Analysts

 Online Marketers/Conversion Optimization Specialists

 Start-up Founders


Maximum 6 participants
In-company training: min. 5 and max. 9 participants 



Kromme Waal 9 Amsterdam
It's a 5 min. walk from Amsterdam Central station!


 Before the training starts, the trainer will schedule an intro call with all participants.

 We provide a healthy lunch & training material.

 Bring your own laptop (you don't need to install software for this training).

Will you receive a certificate?

Of course! 





Meike Mak


Meike is a very professional UX researcher. She did a study in Industrial Design and specialised in customer research and customer experience researcher. Meike is co-organiser of UXinsight. conference.

Meike on LinkedIn


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