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Evolving technology makes our humanity more important than ever.

All successful innovation starts with discovering and fulfilling a hidden human need. While artificial intelligence can help us, it can’t replace emotional intelligence. 

So for us designers, engineers, researchers, and creators, empathy is more important than ever. But it can feel squishy, vague, or mysterious. That’s why The Greatness Studio and UX Academy are teaming up to offer this online masterclass!

In two 3-hour sessions (six hours total), we’ll demystify creative empathy, starting with some of the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. Then, we’ll discuss practical empathy techniques you can immediately use to enrich your own, and your team’s, creative process. It’s an active, workshop-style class so we’ll be practicing these techniques together, and there will be about an hour of homework between the two sessions.

This masterclass is intended for anyone who creates products or services for other people, with a maximum of ten participants. We’ll cover techniques like empathy mapping, emotional vocabulary exercises, empathic interviewing, the character map canvas, and others from the upcoming book 
The Creative Empathy Field Guide

2 halve dagen / € 495 (ex BTW)

Aantal deelnemers in de online masterclass: 6

Dit is inclusief:

 De belangrijkste slides per dag in PDF


 Ná het volgen van je training kun je voor al je vragen

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Voor wie?

✓ UX designers (junior, medior en senior), service designers

✓ Visual designers, grafisch ontwerpers, user interface ontwerpers

✓ Front-end developers, functioneel ontwerpers, product owners

✓ Online marketeers/conversie specialisten, webredacteurs

✓ Start-up owners


Na aanmelding vindt een telefonische intake plaats. We maken dan even kennis en bespreken je wensen en verwachtingen.




Aantal deelnemers

Max. 6

Krijg ik een certificaat?

Yes! Je krijgt bij al onze cursussen een gerenommeerd certificaat mee.


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Trainer Brian Pagán
LinkedIn profiel

Design Humanist 🎭 Actor 🚀 Founder & UX Coach @ The Greatness Studio
Speciality: Content & Experience Strategy, Design for Behavior Change, Prototyping


Brian is an award-winning human experience designer, working 17 years on digital products in healthcare, blockchain, IoT, and fintech. He's worked with companies like Philips, UCB, Land Life Company, ING, KLM, and Unilever. His specialties include content strategy, behavioral design, and interactive prototyping. Brian's humanistic design practice includes techniques from acting & psychology, plus he's given talks & classes in 11 countries. Linkedin Brian